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I’ve been drawing pokes lives again!

by on Dec.10, 2017, under What's New?

On Friday. Was closer to the west coast of Florida in Hernando, Florida, scribbling people and their lives. I’ll add details later.

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I’ve been drawing Santa! – December 6th, 2017

by on Dec.07, 2017, under Cartooning

Projects and gigs swarming me for the next couple of weeks. The above is a rough sketch for a last minute Christmas card.
Thursday: A trip to Stuart, Florida.

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Cards printed!

by on Dec.04, 2017, under What's New?

What a day! Early start picking up paper to print my annual Christmas cards (Thank you, Melanie King).

Then making various stops in Orange and Osceola Counties (See my Swampy’s Florida for those) on my way to Brevard County to Wild Manta Ventures. Thanks to Tim Reynolds the card got printed and I began distribution. I traveled up from Palm Bay to Titusville. In between Rae at an accessories shop fitted Swampy with a Santa hat!

In Titusville I dropped off a set of cards at the subject of this year’s card, Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant. I admit I was staggering tired by the time I got to Titusville. Must be age tiring me from trips like this I used to do with no trouble at all.

Thank goodness, my friend, Leigh Anne Morgan let me stay at her place in east Orange County! It was hard enough to get to her place.

Many more trips to come his week!

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I’ve been drawing at a Christmas party!

by on Dec.04, 2017, under What's New?

Did a series of drawings in east Orange County at a Christmas party. On to do something a bit different with the set: Add watercolor.

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I’ve finished my annual Christmas art!

by on Dec.01, 2017, under What's New?

While here at Kafe Kokopelli in Dade City, Florida, put the finished inks onto the board and the artwork is ready for printing!

Here’s Kafe Kokopelli’s Andrea Arnold Carter with the inked work, I’ll post a clear version closer to #Christmas,

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Book: ‘Monahan’s Massacre’ by William W. Johnston – November 29th, 2017

by on Nov.30, 2017, under Books

Monahan's Massacre (The Trail West, #2)Monahan’s Massacre by William W. Johnstone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, the Johnstone Clan best keep this ghost writer in the stable. Book 2 of this new series is setting a standard above Johnstone himself.

Book 2 in the series continues to follow the journey of Dooley Monahan. It’s a tough journey that is full of, a Johnstone trademark, outstanding characters and a journey that is added with complicated plot developments this ghost writer placed in the first book that made it so compelling. My favorite of complications is the issue of Manahan’s memory. After the last book, the ghost writer has made the reader uncertain what is real and what may be some hallucination. Another is the main female character featured is NOTHING like I’ve read before in any book. Kinda wish we could know more about her and how on earth the writer saw her getting to be where she is in the book.

I also love the way the writer works in Blue, the dog, and General Grant, the horse. They are also main characters in the book and greatly affect all events.

The settings are very well written. I like how the writer intersperses the characters, narrative and dialogue and the setting. I would have to figure the writer is a huge fan of Twain and learned from him.

My only qualm with the writer is that Monahan escapes certain death a bit too often. It’s a neat plot device, but used a bit much.

My qualm involving the top of the Johnstone Clan, on the superficial side, again, involves poor choices of unrelated cover image and a dumb title that has nothing to do with the book. The books clearly state over and over again Monaham being older and having trouble realizing his age. The writer indicated a couple times that Monahan is around 40 or older. Also, Blue is – Surprise! – BLUE! The horse, also could not be General Grant. Finally there is no “massacre” in the book. But I won’t grade this book based upon the publisher’s bad moves.

Overall this book is a joy to read and I hope the Johnstone Clan doesn’t lose this one!

Bottom line: I recommend this book. 10 out of 10 points.

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I’ve been drawing Florida Panthers! – November 29th, 2017

by on Nov.30, 2017, under What's New?

Another snippet of the upcoming Christmas card. Got delayed a bit due to other work circumstances. Should have it all done Thursday.

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I’ve been drawing mermaids! – November 28th, 2017

by on Nov.28, 2017, under Illusration

Here’s a photograph of the Weeki Wachee Springs painting I delivered yesterday. Each painting is to celebrate our parks system and encourage you to visit. I’d be happy to visit the parks with you! Let me know and I’ll meet you at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and give you a tour with fun history!
My neighbor today asked me to take him through Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, south of Gainesville. If you like to join us, send me a private message and we’ll schedule a visit!
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I’ve been drawing bunnies! – November 26th, 2017

by on Nov.26, 2017, under Illusration

I’ve been drawing bunnies!
Pencils for a Christmas present I’m creating for a client.
This is the last day to take advantage of my special deal to get an original watercolor painting by me.
You could get one as a gift for someone or for yourself or something else. I will do my very best to hand deliver any paintings.
$100 for a 16″ x 20″ watercolor painting on Arches watercolor board.
$60 for a 11″ x 14″ watercolor painting on Arches watercolor board.
$35 for a 9″ X 12″ watercolor painting on Arches watercolor board.
This offer is good from now until midnight Sunday night.
You can leave the request in a private message or e-mail: Feel free to call me to request, also: (407) 880-1128.
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Book: ‘Gold Comes In Bricks’ by A.A. Fair – November 25th, 2017

by on Nov.25, 2017, under Books

Gold Comes In BricksGold Comes In Bricks by A.A. Fair
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After finishing this entry in the Cool & Lam series, i wish Gardner had done more stories with just Cool.

This is a hugely convoluted tale that goes beyond reason. Gardner is trying so hard to be clever that he pulls apart the aspects of a good story along the way – again. Overall, the basic plot and solution are worthy. How Gardener get there is just ridiculous. Trying to throw the reader off with a secondary plot element that is overly written and so obviously a MaGuffin, is a disappointing act of Gardner’s.

Gardner also writes the novel as if the police force has shut down and taken a vacation. Law enforcement had lots of cause for pulling people in for questioning through out the book, but are not to be found until the end of the book. I hate it when a writer of this caliper writes like the readers are fools.

The characters lack definition and a few are so similar, at one point, I got them mixed up. Settings are simply detailed.

The highlight of the book is a trip to an old mining area, where Gardner shows energy with a well written setting, characters and a very good simple telling of the history of prospecting gold out west.

However, that shiny moment doesn’t save the book for me.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend this book. 4 out of ten points.

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