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January 25th, 2007 – Illustration Friday – Super Hero!

by on Jan.25, 2007, under It Takes a Village


The ‘Illustration Friday’ “word” of the week is ‘super hero’. I came upon an unfortunate incident in the news involving Isaiah Washington and referring to a fellow actor on the set of a current T.V. show he stars in by a certain word. The word doesn’t matter. The incident doesn’t matter. Bottom line: Washington was name calling. Period. That’s it.

Why on Earth this would go beyond that would have us chasing down and tar and feathering Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. And no telling what we might do to Don Rickles. The comment was not made on a stage to an audience. Even if so, we, again, would be chasing down O’Donnell and Trump. Fellow stars were asked to comment about the non-incident. They were upset about it. Why weren’t these same actors asked about O’Donnell and Trump?

This got further out of control with the unbelievable move of Washington, who I’ve respected as an actor for years, to declare he’s going to “therapy”.

Everyone involved are acting like uneducated 7-year-olds. At least a 7-year-old would slap the one that name called and forget it. An adult is one who should be intelligent and mature enough to understand name calling will happen and that it’s childish. An adult makes at least a mental note of this and might even comment that to the name caller. Turning it into a media circus resulting in the person going to something referred to as “therapy” just points out how hideous and melodramatic the pop-culture media is.

Washington should realize maturity, strengthen his backbone and move on. Whoever was name called should also strengthen their backbone, recognize childishness and then not turn around and be childish themselves.

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  1. don lee

    I’m not aware of this incident, but I have noticed as my wife is watching “Inside Edition” and similar HYPE-TV, that things are being over-dramatized and sensationalized when most of teh stories are absolutely nothing. Sad, sad world.

    As for the illo, I definatley like this clean ‘toon style. Thanks for sharing it!

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