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November 4, 2008 – Pollwatching & Victory Party!

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I was pollwatching Election Day without sleep for two days. The night before I assembled quite a few hundred signs. I left from there and drove 124 miles in 6 hours  putting up signs across Marion County. I went home, changed and headed to the poll assigned. Republican Roy Capshaw was with me to pollwatch. We settled with an “Obama Greeter” and an Obama Lawyer. There were two other lawyers there and a fourth who hung around for a while. Two more Obama volunteers came and sat in their car and watched me and Roy and the goings on. At one time there were 8 Obama people at 1 precinct. Three were being paid.

One of the lawyers told me that the greeter and lawyer setup was the case across the state in each of the 67 counties. Apparently, each precinct in Marion County had an Obama greeter, Obama pollwatcher inside the polling area and at least one lawyer. I went by a few other precincts and saw the greeters and lawyer.

In the end, I gotten overtired and had to leave. I quickly sketched the tree above that sat near the voting area.

Below is the cheat sheet handed to voters by the Obama Greeter. I spoke to a few people outside the area that wanted to see it, so here it is.


Here is the other side of the cheat sheet.


Too bad the ones passing these out didn’t think the voter might be able to think for themselves and not need such shallow direction.


Later was the Victory Party, as was hoped. Here a map is being colored red and blue for folks to follow.


A thumbs up from the faithful.


Even Dick Cheney joined us….well, he LOOKS like Dick Cheney. Actually it’s Roy Capshaw who was paired with me for pollwatching duties earlier in the day.


It’s Matt MacClain, Angie Boynton and Tammie Still pondering something more to do during the party. Angie helms our McCain HQ and lead us to victory in Marion County for McCain.


Here’s Matt MacClain, just re-elected Stan MacClain, just re-elected Kurt Kelly (I snapped this at a bad momment) and Glenn Tomblinson, who heads Campaign Graphics and created the outstanding political materials for a ton of politicians including McCain in Florida. Glenn made the sign in the background.


Finally, it’s Rejerio who has been summoned by John McCain on the secret Election Video Phone where he receives his top secret orders for duty to save the world.

…OK! Ok! I’ll stop! Rejerio watched John McCain as he gave his concession speech.

3 comments for this entry:
  1. Nancy

    Thank you for all of your hard work, Rob.

  2. John

    That’s disgusting! Then again…I guess it’s politics…

    …whoever had to USE that cheat sheet should have NOT been allowed to vote…

    If I didn’t know who I was voting for, I left the spot empty. I’d rather NOT vote uniformed than to just follow like a zombie…

    From doing a bit of online reading yesterday, it appears if President Elect Castr…err, Obama, tries to implement his platform he ran on, it will break the country even more than what we are having now…maybe there is a silver lining?

    Then again…

  3. JA Huber

    Obama greeters handed those cheat sheets out? I’m disgusted like John, but, I think a lot of voters did think for themselves with Amendment #2. Honestly, I’m embarrassed my party did that.

    McCain’s speech was well done and he showed he’s a class-act.

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