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May 12th, 2011 – The Captain & Tenille …sorta…

by on May.13, 2011, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Celebrity Illustrations, Sketchbook

Due to an exchange on Swampy’s Florida Facebook page comes this drawing. Terisa Glover mentioned the Captain & Tenille involving this Swampy comic strip. And the mysterious Elvis Alligatori of Miami was also there. So, here is Elvis as the Captain and Terisa as Tenille with Swampy.

I meant to keep doing at least one sketch a week after the month long sketch-a-thon in March. So, here’s a couple. Below is a sketch of my favorite, Dean Martin that I did for Ustream attendee yesterday, Mrs. Grayson.

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  1. Terisa and Sparky

    Note to all – be VERY cautious as to what you say to a cartoonist, you never know what they might do with your words! ;oD

  2. Mrs. Grayson

    When you mentioned you were motivated to do “at least” a sketch a week, I thought you were wryly kidding me, as you obviously already do way more than a sketch a week, with the weekly political cartoon, Swampy and more. So you’re going to do a weekly “for fun” type sketch too–very cool! I’m staying tuned…

    You captured Deano’s look. Love it! Many thanks, Rob!

  3. Shawn Anderson

    Great sketch Rob, but I rarely ever saw Dean without his drink and/or smoke! 😀 Hope you are doing well. Loved the Captain & Tenille, I used to listen to them all the time, shows my age doesn’t it? Hugs.

  4. Shawn Anderson

    Oops, just noticed the smoke, sorry. 🙁

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