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Book: ‘Deadly Lady Of Madagascar’ by Frank G. Slaughter – June 30th, 2017

by on Jun.30, 2017, under Books

Deadly Lady Of MadagascarDeadly Lady Of Madagascar by Frank G. Slaughter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The title is a melodramatic turn for this tale of piracy on the high seas. If a reader would like to have a feel for life as a pirate over 200 years ago, this will help a great deal.

As usual Slaughter work towards details of history and works hard to place the reader in the midst of wherever his tales are set. the settings are extraordinary in writing. As the tale starts in a very young New York the reader will be a part of the cobblestone streets, dampness of air, and enclosure to a smothering set of structures of the time. Later, the reader can feel the vast seas as a ship sails into storms that are wet and windy. My writing stinks to describe what Slaughter writes with seemingly ease. Dive in to capture the lifestyle of a pirate.

Trouble for Slaughter in this book is also typical of his work: A trifle of a romantic plot. Basically this novel is like a Harlequin plot in a very well written setting. This is also certainly a pirate’s slice of life.

The main characters are very well written, with supporting characters getting minor or stereotyped treatment. There is a secondary dwarf character that is very interesting and i wish Slaughter had unveiled more about him.

Bottom line: i recommend this book. 8 out of 10 points.

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My Artwork in Progress: An Angry individual! – June 29th, 2017

by on Jun.30, 2017, under Cartooning

Part of a project I’m working on involves an angry individual. Here’s a close up after digital coloring the face.
Used Photoshop for this.
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My Art in Progress: More Hippos Drawn! – June 28th, 2017

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Cartooning

Seems the main part of the hippo project is drawing to a close. Lots of digital coloring Thursday to really complete it and a few other projects.

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Book: ‘Cunning of the Mountain Man’ by William W. Johnstone – June 28th, 2017

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Books

Cunning of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, #14)Cunning of the Mountain Man by William W. Johnstone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Mountain Man entry is the 20th of the series I’ve read and one of the best of the series and most of the Johnstone Clan books. It’s treading over much traveled plots by the Johnstone Clan. This one does the trek considerably better than the rest.

The characters are of typical thorough Johnstone quality. Better still is the narrative and the well illustrated settings. The narrative is cleverly written with language many notches above what is typically found in a Johnstone book.

Though the plot has been written many times in a Johnstone book, this one adds quite a number of extra elements better fleshing out everything a typical Johnstone book does not. The ending is too much typical of western novels. There are the continued consistency problems involving Smoke’s family that bug me more than those should. Couldn’t someone keep a flow chart of Smoke’s tiny family to pass among the writers?

Bottom line I recommend this book: 8 out of ten points.

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My Work in Progress: Ladybugs! – June 27th, 2017

by on Jun.27, 2017, under Cartooning

While I was in a meeting and important stuff was being talked about involving the Florida Legislature, budget issues, City Council issues, educational issues, etc, etc. … I was drawing ladybugs! 😀



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Tuesday Night Politics – June 27th, 2017

by on Jun.27, 2017, under Friends

Attended a meeting tonight and got to spend some time and conversation with Morrey Deen, former City of Ocala police chief, great supporter of our military and our Florida Honor Flights and from a long time Florida family. Anyone know Deen Still Road through Osceola & Polk Counties? That’s Morrey’s family.
Also former Marion County Commissioner and current Florida State Representative, Stan McClain. Stan updated us to what happened, is happening and what is planned involving our Florida Legislature. Loved what he’s working on for our educational system.
While there, Natalie Clark invited me to be part of a fantastic literacy project for Boys & Girls Club of Marion County, Florida, at Silver Springs State Park in July. I look forward to be drawing, promoting Florida and strongly encouraging reading books….as usual…to young people! 😀 Thanks, Natalie!
Of course, while Stan spoke here’s what i was doing…..
(See next post!)



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My Projects in Progress: More Puppy Drawings! – June 26th, 2017

by on Jun.26, 2017, under Cartooning, Illusration

I’ll be working on all sorts of projects this week. Including a bunch of puppy artwork!


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My Work in Progress: School Text Books Cartoon Art! – June 25th, 2017

by on Jun.25, 2017, under Cartooning

Here’s part of a larger cartoon I’m working on about school text books. Here’s part inked and in the process of coloring.

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Book: ‘The Toff Goes to Market’ by John Creasey – June 25th, 2017

by on Jun.25, 2017, under Books

The Toff Goes to MarketThe Toff Goes to Market by John Creasey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like reading the Creasey books because my mother loved reading them. I wonder if she liked this one?

There’s a good story here with lots of good characters and well written setting. However, the actual writing of the plot is too muddled to make a good book. The story dodges from one element to the next with poor elements of writing and makes the book often confusing. Adding that the interaction between the good guy vs all is entirely too cordial. Except those who are pre-written as bad guys. Varying the dialogue would have made the book more interesting instead of the segregated cast.

Since i know a bit of the black market during World War Ii, and now, that was well delineated. I wonder while Creasey was trying to chastise the black market he got lost assembling this story?

Bottom line: I don’t recommend this book. 4 out of 10 points.

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My artwork in progress: Penciling lots of puppies & more! – June 24th, 2017

by on Jun.24, 2017, under Cartooning

Hunkered down for a couple of hours and worked on a number of projects. Tons more to do Sunday!

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Book: ‘Saddle Tramp’ by Clint Hawkins – June 20th, 2017

by on Jun.22, 2017, under Books

Saddle TrampSaddle Tramp by Clint Hawkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was surprised to find i am the first to leave a review of any of this ‘Saddle Tramp’ series. I came across 4 in the series just a week ago and thought I’d give the first in the series a spin. The first is not a stand out book. A pretty typical western that has less plot than gun fire.

The main character, Wade Calhoun, is quickly identified as the series title says. As would happen to a rover, he arrives in a town, something happens and the gun fire soon follows. Pretty simple character, plot and story. The writing is OK. The settings are OK. The other characters are standard.

For a reader of classics, this book will likely be burned for it’s relatively empty content. For others it is a fun little way to pass the day.

Bottom line: i recommend this book. 5 out of 10 points.

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