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Book: ‘The Case for Impeachment’ by Allan J. Lichtman – August 15th, 2017

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The Case for ImpeachmentThe Case for Impeachment by Allan J. Lichtman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I should first note: A friend wanted me to read this and I agreed to.

Lichtman does a fine job laying out why he thinks Obama should be impeached….oh, did I write Obama?…Well, he does that, too, unknowingly….Impeach Trump is what i meant to write. The writer goes chapter after chapter after chapter with well thought out reasoning. Lots of supporting data is included along with footnotes to support the writer’s reasons for impeachment of president Trump.

The writer includes much background of past impeachments and other historical information that help support his viewpoint. One huge qualm i have is one cannot compare the effort to impeach Andrew Johnson and Trump. could not be more different circumstances.

There are many drawbacks. First of all is that the writer reaches too far too often. Most of his claims are based upon what he writes as “lies”. Lie has becoming a mighty subjective term as late and this fellow is unforgiving involving misstatements and bravado, arguably Trump’s largest problem. Many of the “lies” would never hold up involving impeachment. Or else every politician and realtor with be in court for treason.

I find his part of Trump’s real estate games are taken apart as reasons for impeachment. Is there a realtor alive, who makes a living, that doesn’t platy the game Trump does of bending reality for a sale? I know of none and one reason i don’t tend to care for realtors and developers.

His climate change ideas are preposterous. To impeach Trump would first demand China’s dictator’s be deposed, based upon his arguments. America is the ultimate treehugger compared to most of the rest of the world. That and you can’t convict Trump for actions developed over two centuries of America as the author writes.

The writer get into the Russian hacking as reasoning for impeachment. Trouble is the only true evidence involving Russian hacking involves e-mails revealing the head of the DNC, Debbie Schultz, John Podesta, etc. worked to undermine their Democrat electorate and force them to regard a candidate who lost. Go for impeachment and that is what will be the response.

He goes on for pages about a temporary ban of countries that Obama wanted banned, too. He coulda left out the entire chapter. Can’t impeach a president when the previous president wanted the same thing.

The writer wraps up with his ideas as to how Trump could clean up his act. Trump should pay attention to that part.

Overall, this is a very good effort, despite my vast disagreements.

Bottom line: i recommend this book – For those looking for such ideas or wanting to read a differnet viewpoint. 6 out of ten points.

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