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#Inktober 31 – I’ve been drawing horse riding dogs and alligators!

by on Oct.31, 2017, under Cartooning

#Inktober #31
Requested by Terisa Glover:
“Bunji and Trilby riding a pony through the forest.”
and Requested by Gloria Neiger Bushong:
“They need to be dressed like the headless horsemen of Sleepy Hollow.”
Bunji and Trilby find a horse to ride one dark Halloween night.
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Book: ‘Haunting Sunshine’ by Jack Powell – October 31st, 2017

by on Oct.31, 2017, under Books

Haunting SunshineHaunting Sunshine by Jack Powell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This collection of ghost stories is better than most collections. Powell works hard to make his writing read better than it is. Each is a nicely drawn story in itself. Love all of the legwork Powell did to actually be at the locations of the stories. As i well know, not an easy task, but makes all of the difference in the world to the end result.

Powell also does a great job presenting ghost stories from across the entire state. Most all have been written in short story or book form. Again, his writing is better than most handling these stories.

What i liked best about the book is something I’ve been doing in my little book series: Including in the back a list of the locations involved and how to visit there yourself. He also does something us researching types love: Provides his sources.

Bottom line: I recommend this book. 7 out of 10 points.

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Happy Halloween, all!

by on Oct.31, 2017, under Cartooning, Editorials

This is a cartoon I did years ago for publication involving one of my favorite characters from a contemporary book series, Mitch Rapp, by and Kyle Mills and published by Atria Books.

My fellow book fans, if you haven’t read a Mitch Rapp book, jump in! That includes you, Gloria Neiger Bushong! 🙂 I’m usually carrying a few copies of Rapp books in my car, so if you cross my path in my travels, ask me and I’ll give you one!

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#Inktober #26 – I’ve been drawing Pumpkins!

by on Oct.26, 2017, under Cartooning, What's New?

#Inktober #26

Melanie King requested:
“Ghosts, pumpkins, scarecrow and gourds”

Little Jenny opens shop and finds an odd clientele.


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#Inktober #25 – I’ve been drawing Inking Squid!

by on Oct.25, 2017, under Cartooning

#Inktober #25

Here we find Carmine, available for the overworked cartoonist needing their penciled artwork attended to.


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Book: ‘Florida Ghost Stories’ by Robert R. Jones – October 24th, 2017

by on Oct.24, 2017, under Books

Florida Ghost StoriesFlorida Ghost Stories by Robert R. Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Author Jones tees off with a book above par. He lays out the intent of telling ghost stories he has collected in north Florida. Then each story begins with some basis written as fact slowly reveling the ghost aspect. The stories are initially familiar to me. But as the book goes along the tales get longer and include more and more dialogue. It becomes obvious that a lot of literary license was taken throughout the book. There are definitely many ghost stories included that have been recorded over time. But all have dialogue imagined by the writer. Most all of these read more as fictional short stories than a recording of actual Florida ghost stories that could be believed.

The above complaint has more to do with packaging than content. The stories are written in an amateurish fashion. But tales are mostly good ones.

Plenty of areas are brought up that are little known to most Floridians. Areas like Archer, Worthington Springs, etc. rarely get mentioned in ANY book of Florida.

Bottom line: I recommend the book – as a a set of fictional short stories. 5 out of 10 points.

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#Inktober #24 – I’m Drawing Alligators meeting Santa!

by on Oct.24, 2017, under Cartooning

#Inktober #24

Bruce Loughlin requested:
“Santa with gators pulling my sleigh!”

Thus, the results of Santa’s tactical error of replacing reindeer with


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#Inktober #23 -0 I’ve been drawing Bears with Plane Tickets…

by on Oct.23, 2017, under Cartooning

#Inktober #23

Judy Smith Dickerson requested,
“How about animals scurrying around preparing for winter…?”

Harry decides to skip the hibernation thing and take flight to Bermuda, until the suspicions begin again….

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#Inktober #22 – I’ve been Drawing Scary Fish!

by on Oct.22, 2017, under Cartooning

#Inktober #22
@Mike Wilke requested: ‘How about an underwater scene , fish etc. But with a Halloween twist?”
Thus a fish suited to terrify a creature from the Black Lagoon!
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Book: ‘Mrs. Pargeter’s Package’ by Simon Brett – October 22nd, 2017

by on Oct.22, 2017, under Books

Mrs. Pargeter's Package (Mrs Pargeter Mystery, #3)Mrs. Pargeter’s Package by Simon Brett
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found this book not written well but with a very good mystery. This is another Simon Brett I haven’t cared for. Judging by the reviews, I’m missing something. I find the main character uneven. Inconsistent dialogue, internal and external. It’s rare for me to read a book and find the main character hard to understand.

Not connecting to the main character had the rest of the book hard to connect to. I wasn’t nutty about any of the characters. I found all of them to be very loose or stereotyped. This made the rest of the book tough to get through. Brett certainly wrote a lot about the main, supporting and minor characters, but I found all of that writing to be empty.

The plotting is well done and, as written above, a very good mystery included. The writing putting it all together is just not strong enough to me to make the whole work.

This would have been an outstanding book in different hands. Though, in view of other reviewers, I am in a minority.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend this book. 4 out of 10 points.

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#Inktober #21 – I’ve been drawing wedding guests! – October 21st, 2017

by on Oct.22, 2017, under Caricatures, What's New?


#Inktober #21

Sharing a few of the many drawings I drew tonight at a wedding in the very tucked away community of Glen Saint Mary, Florida. Was the end of the night, most had left, so I cut loose scribbling critters for this critter lover. The one critter she adamantly does not love is the palmetto bug. So out he goes! 🙂

Have found myself reconnecting with my old City of Orlando planning and engineering days this past week. Here it continues with a couple who own a surveying firm in South Georgia. We had a great exchange of surveying and engineering stories.

The last illustration is of a lady who is a dental hygienist who takes whatever free time she has to hunt deer. Inverting the whole thing was fun! 🙂

A really great part of the event was to discover it all took place in an historic citrus and plant nursery with structures from the 1880s to 1915. As you can imagine, I was in Florida history heaven. The owners gave me a ton of history of the property and so much more. I have to get back and really see the property.

Parked at the moment to post this and plan the coming week at a spot I love and haven’t been able to get to lately, Lollicup. Despite the two months since here, they still remember my order! Nam Diep, you have a Terrific staff!




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