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My Illustration of Little Boy & Dick van Dyke! – September 8th, 2016

by on Sep.08, 2016, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Celebrity Illustrations


Just finished meeting of the Friends of Silver Springs State Park & got some work done!

The little boy I drew, I am told, starts laughing & getting extremely excited anytime dick van Dyke appears on a TV screen. It started while he watched, the film, ‘Mary Poppins’. The parents have shown him other videos of van Dyke and the reaction is the same. The boy is all of a year and a half old.

Penciled and prepped during the meeting this illustration of a young child person who has a fascination with the perpetual energetic Dick van Dyke. This is the prep before I add watercolor. I’ll post the finished painting tomorrow.

Also pencilled and inked a brilliant political cartoon, too. Ken Culotta called me before the meeting with the gag. Finish of that can be seen in the areas I post those. 😀



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My newest painting: Little Girls in a Unicorn Fantasy – August 29th, 2016

by on Aug.29, 2016, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Illusration


Here’s a little painting I did for a family and delivered this past weekend. It’s full of unicorns, rainbows and mermaids. A staunch sense of reality is absent here, in case you haven’t discovered that yourself.
Materials used: Watercolor board, watercolor, a bit of color pencil and outlined with various marker brushes.




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Volunteering some Caricatures for Special Olympics Friday night – July 1st, 2016

by on Jul.02, 2016, under Caricatures

Volunteering some Caricatures for Special Olympics Friday night!

I did a rare volunteering of my Improvisational Illustrations 🙂 to help with a fund raising event Friday night for Special Olympics . Thanks to Maria, Don and Loida for inviting me!

See each drawing for a bit behind each. .


‘Can We Finish the Operation Now?’.
Desimer works as a photographer and nurse.


‘Bringing swords to a Hog Fight’.
Ted has lived a full live and had so much to say. His love of armaments, including samurai and broad swords. He’s also known to go hunting.


Chris is one of three people at this event who loves swords. None knew each other shared the like of such long, sharp objects! Chris’ diet swerves from meat eating to vegetarian to meat eating to vegan and back again.

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Celebrating 37 Years of Caricaturing! – June 27th, 2016

by on Jun.27, 2016, under Caricatures

Well, as LinkedIn has been reminding me with messages in the past few hours, June 27th marks 37 years since I placed B-6 to acetate and started drawing caricatures at Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus World in Haines City, #Florida.

I had just turned 16 and my first job with Michael Hanson Artists had me thrust between two other artistic strangers and a large waiting crowd of people to draw as many $1.49, I believe, caricatures as I could. Basically I was dropped into the deep end of the pool.
Drawing multi-dozens of caricatures a day during the Summer and then one for a few years, before we converted to Sharpies, got me mighty nimble with a B-6 nib and a bottle of ink. I remember later getting to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. and, the great cartoonist, Hy Eisman asking,” You drew WHAT with a B-6″?
It’s been many years and lots of caricatures at Circus World, Hyatt House, Mystery Fun House, and on the Disney property. Tons of private events. Some of my favorites have been drawing for our veterans. Including those I did with my The National Cartoonists Society pals.
Last week while looking for something else i came across a story of an excursion we made almost 4 years ago. Hadn’t seen it and I’ll attach it below. The photo of me veils how horribly sick I was. Being in the mid-east had put sand in my sinuses, that don’t work well anyway. I believe someone called it the “Kuwaity Krud”. As the Krud engulfed me I was a mess for the rest of the trip and weeks after. I thank the rest of the crew for the trip for putting up with me and my hacking cough and sneezing.


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Caricature: First day of a Four Day Show – May 22nd, 2016

by on Jun.22, 2016, under Caricatures


Starting four days doing my cartoon improvisation for a large convention.
This is Dhanpat, who is a member of the Economic Advisors for India.
We had a great time discussing economics!

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Caricature: Drawing in MacClenny! – June 4th, 2016

by on Jun.04, 2016, under Caricatures


Been doing the cartoon improvisation entertainment tonight for a private event! 2016-0604-MacClennyGig-02 2016-0604-MacClennyGig-03




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Caricature: Day 4 of 4 Day event – May 25th, 2016

by on May.25, 2016, under Caricatures

I figure you all have seen enough caricatures over the past few days. So here’s what happened AFTER the event.


After the event I did 3 quick watercolor illustrations of my hosts for the event. Here is Christine Ng of Adastra with her painting.


Been camped out at the Everglades Restaurant catching up on all sorts of artwork, some of which I’ll post tomorrow. Waiter Terry has been great before taking pictures with Swampy. So, I fashioned Terry as a variation of a project I’ve been working on here.

Here’s a better version of the cartoon below!



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Caricature: Day 3 of a 4 Day event! – May 24th, 2016

by on May.24, 2016, under Caricatures


Alfred is he husband of Valentina from my post yesterday.

Day 2 of this 4 day event creating these cartoon improvisations and the crowd is terrific! See each photo for descriptions!


Edel, from Ireland, was the last person I drew today. She wants to see alligators. I pointed her toward Gatorland.


Jorllette expressed her many interests in consuming food…. 🙂


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Caricature: Day 2 of this 4 Day Event – May 23rd, 2016

by on May.23, 2016, under Caricatures, What's New?


Day 2 of this 4 day event creating these cartoon improvisations and the crowd is terrific! See each photo for descriptions!

2016-0523-Adastr-04 2016-0523-Adastr-06 2016-0523-Adastr-07


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Graphic improvisational caricature in Maitland tonight – May 6th, 2016

by on May.06, 2016, under Caricatures

Been doing the graphic improvisational caricature thing tonight!

2016-0507-CAri1 2016-0507-CAri2 2016-0507-CAri3

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Caricature illustrations to honor two! – May 4th, 2016

by on May.04, 2016, under Caricatures

Finished two illustrations as “Thank You”s to two great people who were our speakers for the Marion County Historical Commission, of which I am a Commissioner, lecture series.

The first is Nancy Bray Bowden who weaved tales of Marion County’s past in January. Roy Abshier spoke in April of the involvement of his family and himself in the practical development of Marion County.


Next up is Kim Cullars May 15th and his presentation,”Sesquicentennial Civil War

2016-0504-MarionCoHistComm-RoyBoat Trip” through Florida. He’s not only speaking about the recreation of this historic boat trip, he is also bringing up from Orange County the boat he used for the lengthy journey for folks to see.

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