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My Art in Progress: More Hippos Drawn! – June 28th, 2017

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Cartooning

Seems the main part of the hippo project is drawing to a close. Lots of digital coloring Thursday to really complete it and a few other projects.

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My Work in Progress: Ladybugs! – June 27th, 2017

by on Jun.27, 2017, under Cartooning

While I was in a meeting and important stuff was being talked about involving the Florida Legislature, budget issues, City Council issues, educational issues, etc, etc. … I was drawing ladybugs! 😀



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My Projects in Progress: More Puppy Drawings! – June 26th, 2017

by on Jun.26, 2017, under Cartooning, Illusration

I’ll be working on all sorts of projects this week. Including a bunch of puppy artwork!


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My Work in Progress: School Text Books Cartoon Art! – June 25th, 2017

by on Jun.25, 2017, under Cartooning

Here’s part of a larger cartoon I’m working on about school text books. Here’s part inked and in the process of coloring.

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My artwork in progress: Penciling lots of puppies & more! – June 24th, 2017

by on Jun.24, 2017, under Cartooning

Hunkered down for a couple of hours and worked on a number of projects. Tons more to do Sunday!

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Busy Day in Orlando! – June 21st, 2017

by on Jun.22, 2017, under Buddies, Cartooning, Florida History!, Friends

Wednesday was a day in Orlando that didn’t go as planned. Missed a meeting of my favorite group, Orlando Remembered, a couple of my oldest friends, and more. However, I did have a powerful day with other meetings!

Great getting with pal Charles Treadwell at Hot Dog Heaven talking cartooning! Next we meet, we’re gonna motivate ourselves and get some cartooning done! Anyone want to join us?

Getting with Shirley Cannon about a mapping project and seeing her great success of developing the new Pine Castle Historical Society‘s ‘Pine Castle Historical Museum’! I’m going to help her get her museum library logged in and organized.

Next getting with the wonderful Bettielee Sansone to receive some incredible items passed to me by a great lady Dianne Sarchet. Dianne wants me to take care of some of, her late husband, Corb Sarchet’s books and a few other items. Including an amazing spear, hand made by Corb. Sadly Corb died in 2015. Colonel Corb Sarchet was a true American patriot who well served our country in the military, chronicled our military & western American history and juggernaut of Downtown Orlando’s success in the last half of the last century. I am honored to receive these items and will be sure all will be in a good home.

Finally my last meeting to talk politics with Robert Bauerle, Huge thanks to Robert, who recognized I had become overheated in the Florida 100 degree heat and needed to stop and get better hydrated and have a good meal before the two hour drive home! I admit to making the mistake Wednesday of overdoing too much…again!

Now on to getting a whole bunch of artwork done!


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Father’s Day Cartoon! – June 17th, 2017

by on Jun.17, 2017, under Cartooning

Just finished inking and preparing to color tomorrow’s Swampy’s Florida Celebration Cartoon. You can see what it’s all about and the color version Sunday!

Notice the name on the boat – Ona? Anyone know where Ona, Florida, is? I was supposed to be in the area of Ona at Solomon’s Castle today for a Florida water conference about the problems of the phosphate industry. Had to stay put to get work a boatload of projects. I’ll be posting more later.

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Champions and Cartoon Hippos! – June 16th, 2017

by on Jun.16, 2017, under Cartooning

Attending the weekly dance fun for members of Champions for Champions, an organization I’m on the board of, and drawing hippos for s project!

This week from mice to puppies to hippos! Who knows what tomorrow might bring!


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Cartooning Puppies! – June 14th, 2017

by on Jun.14, 2017, under Cartooning

Been in meetings all day with pals Tom Orr and John Horrighs talking politics, later with new friends Cody Phillips & Gina LaBruno talking south Central Florida water issues and then the monthly Silver Springs Alliance meeting talking even more water issues. All the while – I drew puppies.


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My work in progress: A mouse and a rose! – June 13th, 2017

by on Jun.13, 2017, under Cartooning

Alva, the mouse, and a rose. Penciled and inked by me. See the colored version Wednesday morning over at my Swampy’s Florida to see what the celebration is for the day!

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Artwork done today! – June 10th, 2017

by on Jun.10, 2017, under Caricatures, Cartooning

The folks with the event last night were very kind to have me in a hotel in Tampa. So, today I spent the day working on a special illustration for, the emcee last night, Niger Innes, finally finishing the painting of a couple and two Swampy’s Florida celebration cartoons.

Most were done in the near little seating area of Alessi Bakeries in Tampa. Got one of their fantastic sandwiches and went to work!


Cartoon Gratitude to Niger Innis for his work making the Hillsborough Lincon Dinner a success and the great conversation I had with him.



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