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To Gainesville! – January 4th, 2017

by on Jan.04, 2018, under Friends, Other Travels

After meeting with Tom and John I headed to Gainesville and the Wintry clouds, above, led the way

A pit stop came across this album, I believe, is soaring up the charts! Nothing beats Marcy and Little Marcy!
Met with my old friend and high school classmate in Gainesville…and discussed the career trajectory of Marcy, of course.

Got home and, withing 20 minutes, frost had formed on the roof of the car in the freezing temperatures.atures.

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Student meets teacher for the first time in 40 years!

by on Dec.16, 2017, under Buddies, Friends, What's New?

This is me and, my art teacher from Robert E. Lee Junior High School, Mr. Seaman ( as I still only think of him as). He’s known more today as Del Seaman.

Mr. Seaman has an art gallery in Oviedo, Florida, The Artistic Hand Gallery & Studio. We had a great chat and heard a small bit of his Florida experiences since 1953.

As with Gina Taylor yesterday, I leaned Mr. Seaman’s mother skied at Cypress Gardens but, instead of using the Dick Pope skis, used hand crafted skis by a relative. I plans to interview Mr. Seaman in January, too! 🙂

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Me and Puddles Pity Party! – July 12th, 2017

by on Jul.12, 2017, under Friends

Just leaving the wildly entertaining Puddles Pity Party! Go whenever you can & thank me later!

Old pal, Gar Thaddeus Gernstein picked up the tickets for a few of us to go to the Puddles show. Unfortunately, Gar became ill over a week ago, ER visits and still sick tonight. He had to miss the performance. Well, Gar, Puddles wishes you well and sends a big ‘Hello!”.

Me and Puddles!


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Tuesday Night Politics – June 27th, 2017

by on Jun.27, 2017, under Friends

Attended a meeting tonight and got to spend some time and conversation with Morrey Deen, former City of Ocala police chief, great supporter of our military and our Florida Honor Flights and from a long time Florida family. Anyone know Deen Still Road through Osceola & Polk Counties? That’s Morrey’s family.
Also former Marion County Commissioner and current Florida State Representative, Stan McClain. Stan updated us to what happened, is happening and what is planned involving our Florida Legislature. Loved what he’s working on for our educational system.
While there, Natalie Clark invited me to be part of a fantastic literacy project for Boys & Girls Club of Marion County, Florida, at Silver Springs State Park in July. I look forward to be drawing, promoting Florida and strongly encouraging reading books….as usual…to young people! 😀 Thanks, Natalie!
Of course, while Stan spoke here’s what i was doing…..
(See next post!)



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Busy Day in Orlando! – June 21st, 2017

by on Jun.22, 2017, under Buddies, Cartooning, Florida History!, Friends

Wednesday was a day in Orlando that didn’t go as planned. Missed a meeting of my favorite group, Orlando Remembered, a couple of my oldest friends, and more. However, I did have a powerful day with other meetings!

Great getting with pal Charles Treadwell at Hot Dog Heaven talking cartooning! Next we meet, we’re gonna motivate ourselves and get some cartooning done! Anyone want to join us?

Getting with Shirley Cannon about a mapping project and seeing her great success of developing the new Pine Castle Historical Society‘s ‘Pine Castle Historical Museum’! I’m going to help her get her museum library logged in and organized.

Next getting with the wonderful Bettielee Sansone to receive some incredible items passed to me by a great lady Dianne Sarchet. Dianne wants me to take care of some of, her late husband, Corb Sarchet’s books and a few other items. Including an amazing spear, hand made by Corb. Sadly Corb died in 2015. Colonel Corb Sarchet was a true American patriot who well served our country in the military, chronicled our military & western American history and juggernaut of Downtown Orlando’s success in the last half of the last century. I am honored to receive these items and will be sure all will be in a good home.

Finally my last meeting to talk politics with Robert Bauerle, Huge thanks to Robert, who recognized I had become overheated in the Florida 100 degree heat and needed to stop and get better hydrated and have a good meal before the two hour drive home! I admit to making the mistake Wednesday of overdoing too much…again!

Now on to getting a whole bunch of artwork done!


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Saying Goodbye to a Friend – May 23rd, 2017

by on May.24, 2017, under Buddies, Friends, Swampy's Florida

I’m temporarily grounded as my brakes in the car have decided not to operate as they should. This meant on Tuesday I needed a ride to a memorial service for a friend. Maxine Thomas was kind to give me that ride out to Dunnellon to say goodbye to our mutual friend Penny Fleeger. The service was held at a favorite spot of Penny’s, Rainbow Springs State Park (Photo above).

Penny was born and raised in the same city my mother and aunt were born and raised, Coral Gables, Florida. It was one evening Penny and I were talking about Coral Gables and high school. Suddenly we found that Penny went to elementary, junior high, high school AND the same college with my Aunt, though they didn’t really know each other.

Penny moved on from Coral Gables to other places, married and ended up in Dunnellon, Florida. Widowed and wanting to help the community, she was voted in as a Dunnellon City Council member. She also got involved with the local historical museum, the Chamber of Commerce and helping preserve the Rainbow River, which she lived along.

I met her several years ago and we were very good friends until the her health took her. Penny loved everything that drove my Swampy’s Florida efforts. It was Penny’s efforts that produced the ‘Swampy’s Florida: Dunnellon’ book.

Penny’s gone now. In a place she can rest from the maddening crowd – One of her favorite places – the Rainbow River.


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On the road in Orlando with many friends! – May 17th, 2017

by on May.18, 2017, under Buddies, Friends

Started the day with an early morning run to the monthly Orlando Remembered meeting at the Orange County Regional History Center.

From there I slipped over to Beefy King and got together with a crew of friends. I was showing friend and Apopka native Melanie King my Apopka illustration I had done. Her friend Joe was there and took the photograph.

I hadn’t seen most of this lot in a few years. Standing is Pam Treadwell. Seated are Charles Treadwell, Marvin Bennett and Kim Cullars, who was celebrating his birthday.

I told Pam she looks like a member of a FBI task force who has caught three fugitives.

Marvin has just published an ace of a book, ‘Trutles, Tortoises and People’, full of information, art and Marvin’s scientifically accurate paintings of slews of turtles. This book is not widely available. Let me know if you’d like one and I’ll help you get one.

After Beefy King I had a rather long business meeting about a project and then just had to stop. I was pooped!!! I guess my age slowing me down.

I got back on my horse and rode out to the Winter Park Library to sit and hear my friend Susan Trewick and her group pick guitars. While heading in, I noticed the library book store sign still out and went in to see if they would like me to bring it in. Oops! I spotted a Florida history book I needed. Then found another and another! I got back to Susan’s group half hour later stayed too short a time and ran on to meet with pals Robert Bauerle and Ken Culotta, below, to write a set of political cartoons.



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Entertaining for a cause. – April 8th, 2017

by on Apr.08, 2017, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Friends

Jim & Nicole Collins, me, Don Nottingham and David Moore.

A successful night Friday night during Champions for Champions Fun, Dine, Wine and Giving Night. Much was raised through the dinner, silent auction and other fund raising activities, including some raised by my doing some drawing.

Champions for Champions mission “is to enrich family lives and values through providing and facilitating educational, sports, music, and life skill programs for people with special needs.”



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On the road again & high school fun! – December 23rd, 2016

by on Dec.23, 2016, under Friends, What's New?

I’m back on the road!I was off delivering cards within minutes of leaving Muffler Man of Apopka, Complete Auto Repair around 5pm. Thank you, Dray Coggin, for getting me out so fast so I could do more Christmas card deliveries!!!

One stop was to my Orlando High School Christmas Alumni gathering in College Park (Orlando). Passed along a few cards there. Here I am with Denise Lappe and Allison Campbell Thurston.

Allison and I were one of the few to be chosen at Edgewater H.S. to start a part-time job drawing caricatures (for me) and portraits (for her). We were literally pulled from the quiet life of school and thrown into the eager, hungry jaws of the tourism industry.


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Jim Ivey – The gang’s all here! – December 22nd, 2016

by on Dec.22, 2016, under Friends

There was a Christmas gathering today in Apopka, Florida, to spend a bit of time with friend and cartooning legend, Jim Ivey.

Jim is one of the founders of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He was a poltical cartoonist for the Washington Star, St Petersburg Times and the Orlando Sentinel Star. He started The Cartoon Museum in St Petersburg and moved it to Orlando as he moved onto the local newspaper in 1970. The Cartoon Museum was more a comic book store, showcase of cartoon art spanning the past century and a hangout for Jim and pals to play cards and smoke cigars. If that sheet music has a hint of cigar, that’s why. Shortly after the move to Orlando, he started the Orlando Con, which was eventually sold and later became the massive MegaCon today.

Jim was and is still famous for giving away as much as he sold comics and cartoon books, toys and original artwork. I bought tons from Jim during the time of his store and was given almost as much. Jim is 91.







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Dinner with a lot of Friends! – November 14th, 2016

by on Nov.14, 2016, under Friends

Attended a dinner meeting with a pile of friends tonight. The fellowship was great and the vittles by Chef Randal White even better! There were give-a-ways including items Brigitte Smith brought back from her recent trip to Kenya. How she got a fine statue of elephants back from Kenya in one piece is anyone’s guess. Here are a few photos mostly taken by, co-organizer of the event, Donna Dollar Wilson. Incredible job, Donna, you and Ed did!
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