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Former classmates and drawings at a Victory Party! – November 8th, 2016

by on Nov.09, 2016, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Friends


It was great to see Lynette & Suzette Duncan Weddington at a party Tuesday night. I think the last time the three of us were together was during a play we did at Edgewater High School, ‘Dirty Work at the Crossroads’. Unlike myself, Lynette and Suzette have not changed a bit. Stephen Orth, who played the dastardly bad guy, likely remembers that triumph of us thespians! 😀
Otherwise, I volunteered my bit of humorous illustrative life coaching.

img_9687 img_9706



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With some pals – October 25th, 2016

by on Oct.25, 2016, under Friends


With Marion County Commissioner David Moore, party leader Paul Skinner and Commissioner Stan McClain this evening. Great guys all!

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I attended the Florida Springs Restoration Summit & here are photos!

by on Oct.02, 2016, under Florida Outdoors!, Friends

It's fellow artist Johnny Dame, graphic artist & fellow Florida history nut Rick Kilby and me.

It’s fellow artist Johnny Dame, graphic artist & fellow Florida history nut Rick Kilby and me.

Spent most of Saturday helping out at the Florida Springs Restoration Summit in Ocala, Florida. Got to help out with an event involving such an important subject as protecting our water for us now and future generations. The success of keeping our Florida water clean will save taxpayers tons of money. American taxpayers are already spending ridiculous sums of money trying to fix our water problems. Goal should be not to put us in this position in the first place. As our water goes bad, business stops being created and people stop moving to Florida. Desalinization is not an option. Neither practical or cost effective, as we’ve learned the hard way. Being excellent stewards of our natural resources will save us all.

I also got to spend time with friends and make some great connections.

Here are photos from the event!

David Simmons has done a lot to help our water troubles. If only more would follow him.

David Simmons has done a lot to help our water troubles. If only more would follow him.


A view across the room of the conference.

A view across the room of the conference.

Question & Answer time to the panel!

John Dunn, Silver Springs Alliance board member (in yellow), asks the panel a question.


Another view of the room. that's David Bottonly (in black) in the foreground, who filmed most of the summit.

Another view of the room. that’s David Bottomley (in black) in the foreground, who filmed most of the summit.

A panoramic view of the room during the action!

A panoramic view of the room during the action!


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September 10th, 2015 – Evening Political Pow-Wow!

by on Sep.10, 2015, under Friends


Been meeting writing gags and talk in’ politics at a Steak ‘n Shake in Winter Park, Florida, with Robert Bauerle and Ken Culotta. Ken’s son Chris came along with Ken. Old pal Richard Bazzo and his wife happened to be at the restaurant. Great to see and talk to Richard for awhile.


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April 7th, 2015 – My Stan Freberg Remembrance and Tribute!

by on Apr.07, 2015, under Friends


I LOVE humor and today we lost one of our greatest American humorists, Stan Freberg. Lost today are the genius of Twain, Dorothy Parker, S. J. Perelman, Steve Allen, many others… and, now, Stan Freberg.I was more than tongue tied when I got to meet Mr. Freberg a few years ago at a party during one of our annual The National Cartoonists Society Reuben Weekends. Forever thank yous to my friend Chad Frye for bringing him to the party! “Him” being Chad and Mr. Freberg. I pushed out a pad hoping Mr. Freberg would sign and mumbled something that he wasn’t signing for the cost of the party. I thought of bowing, realizing I was surrounded by fellow cartoonists who would’ve just thought I had dropped a pen. Decided to just use up the years allocation of Thank Yous and clear the way for comedy royalty to meet the next subject.Some of Freberg brilliance:
Little Blue Riding Hood – (With June Foray)
St. George And The Dragonet p
The Lone Psychiatrist –
Terribly Adult Cereal –
and on and on…Was just talking to my old pal Gar Thaddeus Gernstein about Mr. Freberg and promised top send along this photo. Sorry to do it under these circumstances.
2015-0407-StanFreberg-2 2015-0407-StanFreberg-3
By the way, that’s Rob Rogers standing in the background.
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December 23rd, 2014 – Christmas Dinner Artwork!

by on Dec.23, 2014, under Buddies, Cartooning, Friends


Had dinner last night with fellow cartoonist George Pieper and his wife Noreen at Sammy’s Italian Restaurant in Ocala, Florida. George nabbed a photo of me whipping up a painted ornament for them. Did you know the perfect paint for Santa’s suit is spaghetti sauce?


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December 23rd, 2014 – Christmas stop in Ocala!

by on Dec.23, 2014, under Cartooning, Friends


Dropped this off to my pal Robin in Ocala. She being a science fiction fan gave me the rare opportunity to draw a Yuletide intergalactic scene!

The drawing was to also answer the age old question: Does Santa wear his space helmet with his beard in or out? Space air does wonders for Santa’s beard!

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On the #drawing board: Caricatures Saturday night along Lake Weir!

by on Sep.14, 2014, under Caricatures, Friends


Drew for a number of hours for my friend Lisa Saupp’s family event along Lake Weir in Ocklawaha, Florida. An unusual event for me to do these days since I pretty much don’t draw at events with young people. I made an exception in that Lisa is a great friend and a HUGE help recently for my Swampy’s Florida and helping me do more in protecting Florida’s natural areas and saving taxpayer money.

(Gonna try to get back to more regular postings of art, if I can not have weeks like the past one! 🙂 )

2014-0914-LisaSauppGig-1 2014-0914-LisaSauppGig-2 2014-0914-LisaSauppGig-3






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June 20th, 2014 : Today on the drawing board: John Scolaro’s retirement card!

by on Jun.20, 2014, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Friends, What's New?


Here’s the Retirement card for my friend Professor John Scolaro who retires from Valencia Community College at the end of the month after teaching for 25 years. It was a crowded room today in Building 11 of Valencia Community College during the Scolaro celebration. Students, faculty and faculty leaders gave John quite a send off. I even knew a few people there such as Andrew Ray, who teaches architecture and engineering at the college.

Later most of us headed to Número Uno restaurant and a dinner was held.

I was a bit setback from the dinner part. Learned earlier that another friend had had a brain anyerisum and happened to be at a hospital down from the restaurant. So, I quickly assembled a get well card and ran down to the hospital to deliver it. Upon arriving I learned that my friend had been moved to another hospital. Also happens I’ll be going by the other hospital Saturday.

This friend us Larry Moore who, with his wife at the time Christine, got me productively involved in politics back around 1987. I can never thank them enough for all they did.


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September 28th, 2013 – Silver Springs State Park Party

by on Sep.28, 2013, under Friends, Swampy's Florida


Above Dr. Bob Knight, Lisa Saupp and Natalie Lyons save Swampy from the bite of the saber-tooth tiger!

Had a lot of fun tonight at a party celebrating Silver Springs becoming part of the Florida State Park system. The event was held at the Silver River Museum with famed photographer Clyde Butcher headlining the event. Clyde featured a slideshow and film of his recent photography work out west and in the past week around the Silver River.

Otherwise, for me, the room was filled with many, many friends. Most of my fellow members of the Marion County Historical Commission were there. As were Marion County Commissioner David Moore and his wife, designer and fellow Florida buff Rick Kilby, new vice-manager of Silver River State Park Nicky Aiken, the Ocala Star-Banner photographer who snapped pictures of me a couple days ago, a whole variety of folks from the Springs Alliance and the Springs Festival committees.

It was a great celebration with great food – Especially the grits bar! Looking forward to the “soft” opening of Silver River State Park this coming Tuesday.

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September 23rd, 2013 – USO /NCS Florida tour

by on Sep.24, 2013, under Buddies, Caricatures, Friends, Other Travels


Our USO National Cartoonist tour continued from Tampa to Jacksonville in a very fancy bus provided by the USO. Gave a chance for done members to get a bit if rest. We stopped in Ocala for dinner in a place arranged by me. In the photo is the cartoonist gang, our USO team leader and Morrey Deen, who was a big help coordinating the spot in Ocala.

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