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My projects in progress: Pencils for a coloring booklette I’m working on. – February 2nd, 2018

by on Feb.02, 2018, under What's New?

Let’s keep me drawing and revisit fun we had a couple months ago.

Post either a favorite animal place or something you like to do.

Next week I’ll post what I do with some of them. You can either pick up the original from me or I’ll try to deliver it.

We can repeat this next Friday!

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Tonight stretched further away from traditional caricatures and wait ‘til you see the cake at the event! – January 21st, 2017

by on Jan.20, 2018, under Caricatures, What's New?

This is Gio and he loves werewolves and science fiction.

I took a further step tonight with my “caricatures” to making each more of an illustration. Instead of beginning to draw faces and ask questions, I asked a couple first to start rolling a layout of images in my head and placing the head somewhere on the page to draw out from. Then I made the rest of the answers fit into the illustration. I really liked how so many of the drawings turned out.

This was also an event I turn down: Children’s birthday party. In this case I worked with the mother, who knows my work and insisted I be there. So, i took the approach I developed at the Florida Parent Educators Association convention last year and flipped from drawing one way for the children (Favorite animal to something they love to do) to the adults. First time doing that and it worked very well.

Frank loves Lord of the Rings and works toward better education options for children.


Bill, a former State Senator, works in actually wrestling involving young people going to the Olympics. He also works to clean up the internal problems the Olympics has had.

Juan strums guitar & saxophone for his church and with classmates. He also loves tigers.

Fun and very challenging seeing how much more I can get storytelling into each illustration.

Marion lives on a small island off the cost of Spain. She loves to paint cubist art and has a mess of pets, including chickens and cats.

The cake was amazing! And not for the sugary faint of heart. That is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting made by AnnMarie. Kit Kat bars were used as was wood used to build a fort. AnnMarie then used a rubber band to seal it all together.

Next she added M & Ms in the middle, mini-Reese’s cups and mini- Hershey bars.

I had a slice and it was extremely good. But, at my age, one slice was enough! 🙂

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A funny thing happened on the way to the 38th Brooksville Raid Reenactment.

by on Jan.20, 2018, under Books, What's New?

I stopped at the Sheriffs Ranches Thrift Store to peek at the books quickly.

While looking I learned they were having trouble finding room to place two carts of books and organize them. I told them not to worry, I’d like to look through them anyway.

Almost two hours later, a lot of cardio flexing and meeting other book lovers, the carts are clear, books put away and I got some exercise in!

Maybe go to the Raid tomorrow. Right now, I have a gig to perform at!

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Pasco County Historical Society meeting & work done! – January 19th, 2017

by on Jan.19, 2018, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Florida History!, What's New?

Travelled to Dade City, Florida, for the bi-monthly Pasco County Historical Society meeting, of which I’m a member. Being a bit buried in work at the moment knew I had to get some work done while there. So, during, guest speaker, Susan NcManus’ talk I did scribble some work out!

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Wednesday morning meeting! – January 3rd, 2018

by on Jan.03, 2018, under What's New?

Weekly Wednesday morning meeting with Tom Orr and John Horrighs, both of the opposite party, talkin’ politics, non-fiction books about Mencken & G.B.S., Civil War re-enactors, the old Tampa Q Morning Zoo, current Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, Muhammad Ali’s pranks near Disney World, and the beginning of construction of the University of Miami.

Feel free to chime in about your memories of any of these.

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#Christmas fun with Jim Ivey!

by on Dec.22, 2017, under What's New?

Early Friday morning we had our #Christmas gathering with, our friend and cartooning legend, 94 year old Jim Ivey in Kissimmee. It was a fun time for all to spend any amount of time with the trail blazing Jim Ivey.

The photo is of me in a guevera shirt that I’ve seen Jim wear for over 40 years and a cigar that Jim is known to still smoke plenty of.

In the center is, long time friend, one time poker player with Jim and organizer of the gathering, Craig Zablo. Thank you, Craig!!!!

Many thanks to the King Corona Cigars and Cafe in Ybor City for helping me be in costume for the Jim gathering and picking out the best cigar for a 94 year old. 🙂 He Loved the cigar and apparently will be a Christmas treat for him.

By the way, the cigar I’m holding is a special Rough Rider cigar made for the Rough Rider organization in Tampa. Those are exclusively available at the King Corona Cigar shop. I had to get one for my Floridana collection! 🙂

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I’ve been watercoloring 13 caricatures!

by on Dec.22, 2017, under What's New?

Finished watercoloring all 13 of these while in Clearwater tonight. Thank you very much, AE Sabo, for your fellowship and assistance getting these done!

Next: A Friday morning Christmas visit near Kissimmee with 94 year old Mr. Prunes and Macaroons, hisself, Mr. Jim Ivey!

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Christmas cards all around Alachua County! / December 19th, 2017

by on Dec.19, 2017, under What's New?

I’ve been bopping around Alachua County dropping off my Christmas prints. Even got to deliver a Swampy’s Florida award for best Christmas decorations at The Oaks Mall. See the Swampy page about who won that.

Glad to see & greet, “Merry Christmas!”to the folks at the Micanopy Post Office, the Florida Trail Association and these two favorite people, Mary andCharles Steadham.

I’ve worked with Mary and Charles and their Blade Agency for about 30 years. Never better people to know and work with!

Please excuse the photograph. I’m not good at this new “selfie” business…..

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Rest and Keely Smith – December 18, 2017

by on Dec.18, 2017, under What's New?

After a juggernaut week and one still to come, I had to pull the plug and, pretty much, slept or rested all day Sunday. Haven’t done that since I was last sick.
Sometime yesterday I learned of the death of Keely Smith. I love her voice and am nuts about her three albums that she recorded just over ten years ago. I was trying to get folks to buy and support her albums all over the place. I remember promoting her albums to, my pal, Tom Stemmle and so many others. I thought we’d heard the last of “The Injun”, as Sinatra called her, years before the last albums. So glad she made those last ones and demonstrate the strength of her voice in her late 60s and 70s.
Here is a sample, with Francis Albert and her husband, at the time, Louis Prima:

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