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Drawing for The Fisher House! – November 3rd, 2016

by on Nov.04, 2016, under What's New?

Awesome event for the Fisher House of the Emerald Coast tonight! I was there presenting one of the newest Swampy books for The Fisher House to help young people learn about the home, Eglin AFB, other bases in the area and have fun doing it!This is director Mia Hughes, president Teresa Haverson, Swampy and me!
If you don’t know: The Fisher House is a free place to stay for families whose military service member of the family is hospitalized. The Fisher House in Eglin Air Force Base is one of 71 such homes.

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Talking Florida history with young people! – November 2nd, 2016

by on Nov.02, 2016, under What's New?

Just finished being in an elementary school class here in Niceville, Florida, speaking all about Florida history. From Juan Ponce to Publix! Doing my typical talk consisting of running around the room, waving my arms and drawing, too. The drawing of Madeline is the collaborative drawing I did where everyone participate.

Next stop: Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce!

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#INKtober #17 – Cells of Ink! – October 17th, 2016

by on Oct.17, 2016, under Cartooning, What's New?

Adding the color to some earlier inking done Monday for a commercial project.



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#INKtober #11 – Inking Political Cartoons! – October 11th, 2016

by on Oct.11, 2016, under Cartooning, What's New?


Inked a bunch of editorial cartoons today. Here’s a wee piece of one.

Inked with a Pilot Pocket Brush Pen, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen and a Pilot Flair marker.

On a personal level: The past week knocked me out Monday. Got tire replaced today and celebrated Jacob’s birthday and preparing to be part of monster event Wednesday morning.





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Happy Birthday, Jacob!!! – October 11th, 2016

by on Oct.11, 2016, under What's New?


Happy 24th Birthday, Jacob!!! Hoping you are well and life is full of success!
I celebrated of one of the two banana splits I have a year for yours and Taylor’s birthday.


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Working Project Meeting! – September 1st, 2016

by on Sep.01, 2016, under What's New?


Working with Tim Reynolds and JJ on JJ’s Boozie Bucket advertising here at Wild Manta in Palm Bay, Florida, today! Despite the constant storms & tornado warnings, involving the massive hurricane Hermine, work must go on!

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Book: ‘The Scarlet Letters’ by Ellery Queen – June 26tyh, 2016

by on Jun.26, 2016, under What's New?

The Scarlet LettersThe Scarlet Letters by Ellery Queen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love the Queen series. i just picked up another clump of them. This is one of them. However, this is not an example of the reason i picked up so many.

This Queen tale is waaaaaaay too prolonged with an involved MaGuffin that seems orderly enough, but gets monotonous quickly as little else happens involving, what appears to be, a domestic dispute. The story doesn’t make sense unless Queen jumps to too many assumptions. which is something he warns not to do in many of the Queen novels. This is a repeated inconsistency that is the only way the writers could link events, but a flimsy one and one that had me find the entire tale ridiculous.

Due to the prolonged trip through the alphabet, the few characters are very well identified. Odd that the few settings, that are repeated many times, did not have the detail they could have.

The ending is very unsatisfying considering all it took to get to the point. All proving this would have been a far better short story.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend this book. 5 out of 5 points.

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Happy 24th Birthday, Taylor!!! – June 5th, 2016

by on Jun.05, 2016, under What's New?


Happy Birthday, Taylor!!! The annual trip for a banana split set me this time at Scoops in Ocla, Florida. Quite a different location and banana split (below) than the stop I made last year in South Carolina.

Here my friend, Marguerite Cavenaugh, and the owner of Scoops joins in Happy Birthday wishes!!!


Last years trip to work and help North Carolina candidate to run the N.C. G.O.P., A.J. Daoud put me in a spot to, for the first time, not create an animated Happy birthday wish. Driving to Raleigh, N.C., had me thinking maybe now is a good time to stop posting cartoons after all these years, in that you and Jacob are adults. The cartoons may seem silly now. So, I figure best to send birthday wishes this way with photos and hopes of a very Happy Birthday and hope that your life is tremendous!

By the way, A.J. Daoud is married to Amber’s aunt, Angie.




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Caricature: Day 2 of this 4 Day Event – May 23rd, 2016

by on May.23, 2016, under Caricatures, What's New?


Day 2 of this 4 day event creating these cartoon improvisations and the crowd is terrific! See each photo for descriptions!

2016-0523-Adastr-04 2016-0523-Adastr-06 2016-0523-Adastr-07


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My #Cartoon hunker down time again! – May 13th, 2016

by on May.13, 2016, under What's New?


Hunkered down for a few hours at a newly discovered local coffee shop and knocked out a bunch of artwork. So much more to do! Will repeat process tomorrow with hopes of more successful results.

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1 of my watercolor caricature illustrations in progress! – April 22nd, 2016

by on Apr.22, 2016, under What's New?


Illustration ready for watercolor! This is for a couple who met through a video game, named Halo 3. Had to research the game and all I could about it. Spoke to a fellow today who told me the outfits the characters are dressed in is inconsistent, which helped explain why i kept finding all sorts of variations of how the characters dressed. So, for Halo 3 fans out there, i did the best I could based upon what I could find.
Penciled today and prepped and ready for watercolor!
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