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October 30, 2008 – Vote!

by on Oct.30, 2008, under What\'s New?


Sandra and I voted today. It’s the first time I didn’t vote on the actual voting day. I’ll be spending voting day as a poll watcher November 4th. Above is a sketch of the folks ahead of us in line.

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October 27, 2008 – Mel Tillis!

by on Oct.27, 2008, under Caricatures, What\'s New?


We had a Republican Rally in Ocala this evening. I drew some caricatures in the reception area as of Danielle above.

Mel Tillis came out and gave of his time with his full band. I’ve been a fan of Tillis since I was a small fellow watching him during his appearances on the Carson Show. I still have cassette tapes of Tillis on the show. There’s one song he sang on his show that never appeared on his album and to this day still wonder why that happened.


Mel Tillis and his band had just performed in Branson and gave us the full show. I’ve wanted to see him in concert for years, make that decades now. Each time the opportunity arose, something would happen and I or we couldn’t make it. His performance was terrific!


Besides Mel’s great singing, these fiddlers were outstanding!

By the way, check out my friend, Jennifer’s, recent encounter with Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity in Tampa.

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October 22, 2008 – Meeting for Rally!

by on Oct.22, 2008, under What\'s New?


A crowd showed up for the last meeting before a big Republican Victory Rally we’re holding this coming Monday in Ocala with Mel Tillis headlining. Above is a sketch of a couple folks attending.

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October 14, 2008 – Editorial Cartoon Tuesday!

by on Oct.14, 2008, under What\'s New?


A friend wrote to me about the difference of college between these two. The educational list ignores the uses of the education. Though McCain did poorly in the Naval Academy, he’s spent the decades since as a distinguished bi-partisan member of Congress. Obama, nearly a career student, jumped from finishing college in his 30s to being a paid community volunteer.  Then basically job hopping in politics for a few years before somehow getting in his head that he was qualified to run for President. Shows what a good talker can do in ten years from college to Senator. Makes me also concerned what Billy Mays is planning. At least Billy Mays has a track record you can follow!

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October 14, 2008 – On the Road!

by on Oct.13, 2008, under What\'s New?


After dropping Sandra at the Orlando Airport I made my way north and stopped in Tavares and worked at McCain HQ making calls to help get volunteers in to help out. Above is one of the other volunteer phone callers at work.

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OCtober 11, 2008 – Jacob’s Birthday!!!!

by on Oct.11, 2008, under What\'s New?


For those who know the  story, Jacob turns 14 today!



Here’s my celebratory banana split from Ms. Steve’s in Belleview.


Earlier in the day I attended the Marion County Republican Women Federated Group meeting. To the right is a sketch of part of the table centerpiece.

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Pctober 8, 2008 – St. Augustine!

by on Oct.08, 2008, under What\'s New?


In St. Augustine, while Sandra was at a day long tourism meeting I ran around getting photos of St. Augustine. I then made my way to the McCain HQ and made calls for three hours rounding up volunteers to go door to door and spread the good word about McCain. Above are doodles I made of folks who milled in and out of the office as I made phone calls.


Later I joined Sandra and fellow meeting attendees Jennifer Huber and Virgina (Durn! Fergot her last name) at the Cracker Cafe off St. George Street in St. Augustine. We talked tourism and travels. Below is a sketch I made of the TV in the corner of the restaurant.

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October 4, 2008 – Dunnellon Rally!

by on Oct.04, 2008, under What\'s New?


A whole mess of us were waving signs, hootin’ and hollerin’ roadside in Dunellon on State Road 41 before and after a candidate roundup. Speakers included Mike Amsden, Stan McClain (Both running for Marion County Commission ), Jim Yancey (Running for Supertendent of Schools),etc.

Above is a fellow, whose name I didn’t get, who valiantly stood with his sign in the midday heat.

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October 2, 2008 – Campaigns and such!

by on Oct.02, 2008, under What\'s New?


Above is Jane Potter, 1958 graduate of Stetson University (How much I’d love to have seen DeLand at that time) with a mess of campaign work she and I did today. We assembled, taped, filled, taped more all of these boxes….But that’s not all! We actually did quite a bit more. I took this photo just before I left the warehouse where we were gathering McCain materials for the entire state.

Here is the button art for two buttons I got int the mail today.

2008-1002-mccainbutton-lips.jpg 2008-1002-mccbut-gators.jpg

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September 30, 2008 – Campaign Work!

by on Sep.30, 2008, under What\'s New?


I spent most of the day working on the McCain campaign. Above is a sketch of a few brochures I was handling. Some pictures were being taken in the office and I thought I’d take a photo of a bit of the work I did and place it here. Below are a few hundred doorhangers I assembled.


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September 29, 2008 – Editorial Cartoon Tuesday!

by on Sep.30, 2008, under What\'s New?


Aa I feel. It may crush me, but it’s for the betterment of our country. Everytime we’ve played with socialism, it grows only larger and wipes us out in other ways. It bothers me to see such foolishness going on. Such as an arrogant untrained Obama and the fools who, with pure greed, hurt us as Americans.

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