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June 27th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board – Gator Guitar!

by on Jun.28, 2014, under Cartooning


This is the atart of a new project from a client that didn’t know I know how to draw alligators. Apparently the end client is being very specific about the guitar. So, i expect this artwork to change before I get to the color part.

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June 24h, 2014 – Today on the #drawing board – Critter Run – Color Version!

by on Jun.25, 2014, under Cartooning


Penciled and inked this weeks ago. Thought I would be coloring not long after, but more car trouble and detours in life have kept me from being as timely as I’d like. Here’s the digital color version of the artwork. I’ll share the digital notice about the event as it approaches.

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June 19th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board – Orange County Regional History Center’s Sara Van Arsdel retirement card!

by on Jun.19, 2014, under Caricatures, Cartooning


Really the title should be – “A Few Days Ago on the Drawing Board”. Working waaaay to late Tuesday night had me miss the Orlando Remembered, a board I serve on, meeting at the Orange County Regional History Center early Wednesday morning. Sara Van Arsdel, curator of the museum for the past twenty eight years is retiring. I remember her taking the position so many years ago as, Orlando native, Jean Yothers stepped down after ten years in the position. Hard to imagine so much time has passed!!! I sure admit I have not been a fan of certain activities at the museum. I have been a cheerleader of the unbelievable job Sara did of keeping the history museum in the 1920’s former Orange County Courthouse. A tough task, especially when Orange County was seeking office space for an expanding government in years past. It took her having exhibits that I hated to keep the museum in the courthouse alive. Kudos to Sara for that and for being in charge of the museum for 28 years!

This painting was done last week and passed on to long time dear friend Grace Chewning on Sunday, thanks to help from my father. Grace carted the card for folks to sign and the photo above was taken.

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June 17th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Airboat in color!

by on Jun.18, 2014, under Cartooning


Here’s the color version of the airboat art. This is to be used on tishirts involving this musician. I’ll let you all know how to get a t-shirt here, when it’s available, if you all would like.



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June 13th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Inked on an airboat!

by on Jun.14, 2014, under Cartooning


Here’s the inked version of the pencils posted earlier this week. Approved and ready for color, which I’ll get to next week.


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June 11th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Pencils of cartoon illustration for musician’s t-shirt.

by on Jun.11, 2014, under Cartooning


Here’s are the pencils for a proposed t-shirt design for a musician. It goes in for approval and let’s see what happens. If i can, I’ll try to post the final art as it comes along.

I ordinarily would include the background, but in this is for a t-shirt, simplicity is important. It might still be added. I do get into other details from chickens to fish. I’m likely to really tone those down quite a bit when inked.

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June 6th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Caricatures in Gainesville!

by on Jun.07, 2014, under Caricatures


Was in Gainesville this evening drawing for a wedding. Above was the matriarch of one of the families. Though in a wheel chair these days she still tends her garden and works through books of word searches. Seems to me an answer to longevity – Goals made and maintained.

Below are more from the event.

2014-0606-Gig-Lewis-1 2014-0606-Gig-Lewis-2 2014-0606-Gig-Lewis-3

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June 5th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Watercolor in process…still!

by on Jun.06, 2014, under Caricatures, Cartooning


Didn’t get much artwork done today. Started painting this illustration. Got the hard part out of the way, but had to move on due to an important National Cartoonists Society meeting this weekend.

The last few days have had me sidelined involving a couple of charitable groups I’m with from Orlando Remembered to the National Cartoonists Society. That time invested has really cut time from getting artwork done. A bunch of the charitable work is to slide me a bit further from it so I can concentrate on work more. So, I’m not getting as much art done as I need to. Posting artwork everyday has brought that to my attention loud and clear this week.

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Today on the drawing board: Cats and balloons!

by on Jun.02, 2014, under Cartooning


This is art I was working on today for a small animated personal piece I’m doing for Thursday. More about that in a couple days.

I’m just creating a few drawings for the very short piece. I’ll add color and piece it together in Photoshop.

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May 30th, 2014 – Today on the #drawing board: More Caricatures!

by on Jun.01, 2014, under Caricatures


This time at a private event in Central Florida. This young lady wants to travel and visit places with black and white animals, like zebras, pandas, etc. First place she wants to visit: Galápagos Islands, not known for their zebras.

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