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Me at SpringsFest 2016 as Swampy’s Florida! – March 20th, 2016

by on Mar.20, 2016, under Cartooning, Swampy's Florida

Had a blast today “signing” (drawing in) Swampy’s Florida books during the Florida SpringsFest. Here are a few photos. The stories behind most of the photos can be found on the Swampy’s Florida page.

2016-0320-SpringsFest-01 2016-0320-SpringsFest-02 2016-0320-SpringsFest-03 2016-0320-SpringsFest-04

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#DailyInks #14 – More Caricatures Tonight!

by on Nov.14, 2015, under Caricatures, What's New?

Been entertaining at a private event, here, in Lakeland, Florida this evening. Now at an IHOP penciling a last minute editorial cartoon assignment for a very good cause! Part of that will likely be my Daily Inks for tomorrow.
Caricatures inked with Markettes and a Kuretake brush.


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#‎DailyInks‬ #1 – Ink-a-Rama – November 1st, 2015

by on Nov.01, 2015, under Cartooning

#‎DailyInks‬ #1 – Been inking ALOT today!! Easier to show a table of it! Met with pal Barbara at Axum Coffee Shop in Winter Garden, Florida, to get an illustration for her started and went from there. Lots done. Swampy’s Florida Happy cartoons, editorial cartoons, caricature, coloring page, milk cartons, etc. etc. About four hours worth. And there’s still more to do! Thanks to my new young writer friend Amira for snapping this shot!

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#INKober #30 – Batman vs the Dragon!!! – October 30th, 2015

by on Oct.30, 2015, under Caricatures


My neighbor has been a HUGE help this past year doing many things including helping to remove a fallen tree in my front yard – a HUGE tree. During his Fall Festival (AKA Halloween) Party I participated by drawing some of his guests.

Jonathan (Above and below) told me much about himself. I decided to make this more a novelty item and have his love of Batman and dragons coalesce.




Anthony (Above) enjoys researching Christian biblical ideas.


Jennie is involved with arts and crafts from painting to making beaded jewelry.

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#‎INKtober‬ #27 – Scary Chocolate!

by on Oct.28, 2015, under Cartooning


My inks of tomorrow’s Swampy’s Florida Happy cartoon. Check into Swampy’s Florida Wednesday morning to see what we’re celebrating!

Inked with a PITT soft brush & medium pen.

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#‎INKtober‬ #24 – More Wedding Caricatures! – October 24th, 2015

by on Oct.25, 2015, under Caricatures


#‎INKtober‬ #24 – Been doing the caricature thing here in Downtown St Cloud for a wedding! Found a fellow who’s also a big old movie buff. Especially the gangster flicks.




This woman is AMAZING! She and her husband raised 10 children – 6 adopted while both having full time jobs AND volunteering for organizations!!! She and her husband moved to our state of Florida and, unfortunately, her husband died. Now in retirement, she finds herself still in the mode of her earlier life filling all of her time volunteering and still raising two of her children. Here’s a mother of the century nominee! — at Downtown St.Cloud.

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#INKtober #2 – Happy Birthday, Groucho! – October 2nd, 2015

by on Oct.02, 2015, under Caricatures, Celebrity Illustrations, What's New?


Today would have been Groucho’s 125th birthday and I am a fan! Have been since I was a wee child. I’ve seen all the films, listened to or watched most all of the radio and television programs. Got most all of the books (including different editions). Even Groucho toys! A photo of a small part of my Groucho collection below.

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September 28th, 2015 – A few caricatures I drew Monday….

by on Sep.29, 2015, under Caricatures

I’ve gotten away again from posting here! Was caricature performing Monday and here are a few drawings:2015-0929-CAri-1

Monique tells of her family’s trip along the Silver River this past weekend. Including being terrified when she found monkeys along the way! I explained of how monkeys got loose during filming of Tarzan films in the 1930s and that their descendants live along the river today.


Dotty enjoys oil painting landscapes of her native Pennsylvania these days.


Jaime rescues squirrels, loves horses and hates spiders!





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July 23rd, 2015 – My watercolor painting of Whitey Markle for the Silver Springs Alliance!

by on Jul.23, 2015, under Caricatures, Cartooning, Florida Outdoors!


Meant to post these earlier! This one of 5 paintings I did for the speakers at an event our group, Silver Springs Alliance, had back in May. As each speaker spoke I illustrated what they were speaking about. LAter I added watercolor.

Here’s the one for, Florida folk singer/Sierra Club leader/all around good guy, Whitey Markle. He covered a great deal of territory and it was fun for me, knowing the area so well, to poke further fun at it all in the artwork. Each painting is given to the speakers as a “Thank you!” for coming out and helping more Florida citizens learn more about our water problems in our great state.

(Been meaning to post more, but have been on the road again! Lots going on the next few days. I should be posting a lot more.)


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July 8th, 2015 – Florida Heroes History talk & Batman on a rocket! What a combination!

by on Jul.09, 2015, under Cartooning


Gave another Florida History Heroes talk at the Fort McCoy Library in Marion County this time. I spoke about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and her writings that help depict and preserve the area around Fort McCoy. There’s Henry Plant whose steamboats traveled the nearby Ocklawaha River. There’s also President Richard Nixon who acted on the efforts of others to stop something that would have transformed the entire area….but you’ll have to come to a talk to find out what that was. smile emoticon

At these talks I strongly urge, and have available, books on the subjects that can be checked out. We need to support our library to encourage reading!

Wrapped up with a drawing that’s subject matter is based upon the answers by an audience member. The little fellow below proposed a rocket ship and Batman. Below is the drawing.

Next stop is this Saturday at the Reddick Library in north Marion County at 2pm. If you’re in the area, come on by!

Here’s where I’ll be:
Reddick Public Library
Address: 15150 NW Gainesville Rd, Reddick, FL 32686
Phone:(352) 438-2566

Big thanks to my pal Natalie Lyons, with the Reddick Library, for arranging these Marion County Public Library System – FL talks!




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