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Sketching the Democrat Debate – January 17th, 2016

by on Jan.17, 2016, under Illusration


This is a mosaic of some of the sketches I did during the Democrat debate tonight. I’ll have to do more of this for more debates and the like. There are captions involved, but my working hard to get in no political debates or discussions here, I omitted those.

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January 16-17th, 2015 – My While-U-Wait Valentine’s Day cards!

by on Jan.20, 2015, under What's New?


Here’s Molly and Ainsley with Julie of Julianne’s Coastal Cottage and their hand painted cards!


After knocking out hand-made, watercolored Christmas ornaments this past Christmas, Julie Pointer,of Julianne’s Coastal Cottage in Mount Dora, brought up the idea of me creating similar Valentine’s Day cards. We set a date and that was this past weekend. It was supposed to be three hours on Friday and three hours on Saturday. Turned out to be Friday through Sunday and I turned out to be exhausted.


Love drawing trains and this one covers all the items this fellow mentioned. I didn’t get his name, but will tomorrow when he and his wife come back to have me paint a few more cards for them.

My main goal was to harken back to the days when we, as young folks, exchanged well illustrated Valentine’s Day cards with punny sayings.

Most of the overtime was catching up with requests. Some that even came through Facebook.

All were inked and watercolored while folks watched. I used a Koi portable watercolor set to add color.


The photos are all requests for the various names noted on the cards.

2015-0117-Bailey2015-0117-Riley 2015-0117-Jonah2015-0117-HeatherJEremy

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June 19th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board – Orange County Regional History Center’s Sara Van Arsdel retirement card!

by on Jun.19, 2014, under Caricatures, Cartooning


Really the title should be – “A Few Days Ago on the Drawing Board”. Working waaaay to late Tuesday night had me miss the Orlando Remembered, a board I serve on, meeting at the Orange County Regional History Center early Wednesday morning. Sara Van Arsdel, curator of the museum for the past twenty eight years is retiring. I remember her taking the position so many years ago as, Orlando native, Jean Yothers stepped down after ten years in the position. Hard to imagine so much time has passed!!! I sure admit I have not been a fan of certain activities at the museum. I have been a cheerleader of the unbelievable job Sara did of keeping the history museum in the 1920’s former Orange County Courthouse. A tough task, especially when Orange County was seeking office space for an expanding government in years past. It took her having exhibits that I hated to keep the museum in the courthouse alive. Kudos to Sara for that and for being in charge of the museum for 28 years!

This painting was done last week and passed on to long time dear friend Grace Chewning on Sunday, thanks to help from my father. Grace carted the card for folks to sign and the photo above was taken.

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June 10th, 2014 – Today on the drawing board: Hiking cartoon in progress!

by on Jun.11, 2014, under Cartooning


This is the inked version of a gag cartoon I’m working on at the moment. My approach is a lot looser than I normally ink. I know that the color needs to tell part of the story, so I backed off tighter inking. The cartoon is due this week and I still have to format in a panel template and then color. I have a set of cartoons to color and plan to color them all at the same time.

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January 12th, 2012 – Hiking and Sketching!

by on Jan.14, 2012, under Florida Outdoors!, Sketchbook, What's New?

I joined the Thursday morning hiking group of the Florida Cracker Chapter of the Florida Trail Association for, what turned out to be, a strenuous 6 mile hike through San Felasco State Park. There are many more photos at the Swampy’s Florida site. You can see those by clicking here.

Along the way I got some sketchin’ done, too. Not as much as usual. Below are a couple of the slight scribblings I made along the way.


While hiking it’s always good to be prepared for emergencies by carrying a well stocked Pez container!

We found ourselves in an empty bed of a cypress swamp.

This should be under at least some water. Below is a lonely cypress knee.

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June 5th, 2011 – Terrific Times at Tarpon Springs!

by on Jun.08, 2011, under Cartooning, Florida Attractions, Florida History!, Florida Restaurants, Sketchbook

Terisa Glover and I had a blast in Tarpon Springs Sunday while doing research for an upcoming Swampy’s Florida coloring book. Above and below are a couple sketches done during the trip. Unfortunately, a trip to Ozona, Florida found that one of my favorite Bar-B-Q places, the Ozona Pig, was closed for the day. Sooooo, it’s a trip across the street to Molly Goodheads for fish food. Because of that the drawings ensued.

Earlier in the day we teed off in Tarpon Springs and was welcomed by the sign below. I figured it meant ‘Beware of Hurricane Ahead’.


It’s fried shrimp time at Hella’s Restaurant! Wanna see what Swampy had? Check out Swampy’s Florida Sunday.

Penny for your thoughts? Getting a scrunched official Tarpon Springs penny.

For those who know the story, Sunday, the 5th, is also Taylor’s 19th birthday. I had my annual banana split at a restaurant in downtown Tarpon Springs in honor of his birthday. These folks don’t usually make banana splits, but did an excellent job!

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March 26th, 2011 – Hikin’ & Sketchin’!

by on Mar.28, 2011, under Florida Outdoors!, Sketchbook

Saturday was ‘Take a Hike, Florida’ day! I joined in at the Grand Opening of the Charles Bronson State Forest in east Orange County near Christmas, Florida. There was a great turnout for the hike and the trail is EXCELLENT! It was great to run into a number of Florida Trail Association friends. As I hiked, I sketched. Above is one where I kept walking and sketching.

Here are some photos!:

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