Gig-A-Gag #69 – Winner- Grace Chewning!

070-friendship-ricksnancy.jpg Winner:Which twin has the Toni?– Grace Chewning —————————————————-   Runner-Up: “Santa Claus?” – Jimmy Palmiotti —————————————————-   2nd Runner-Up: Don’t open your eyes yet, honey…….. my plastic surgery didn’t go exactly the way we hoped…Jim Fern 

25 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #69 – Winner- Grace Chewning!”

  1.  Jimmy Palmiotti Says:

    “Santa Claus?”

  2.  Ron Johnson Says:

    I don’t know how you see me in your mind because I’m your mother-in-law, but…..

  3.  Rob Says:

    that’s right…….. now just keep saying to yourself — there’s no place like home, there’s no place like……..

    Jim Fern

  4.  Rob Says:

    don’t open your eyes yet, honey…….. my plastic surgery didn’t go exactly the way we hoped…

    Jim Fern

  5.  Rob Says:

    The penalty on this planet for being so ugly is death by aggressive neck massage.

    Jim Fern

  6.  Rob Says:

    People laugh at our relationship, but no one can do for me what you do.

    Jim Fern

  7.  Rob Says:

    “when can I open my eyes honey?”
    “not in a million years.”

    Jim Fern

  8.  Rob Says:

    Every time I’m ready to leave you, you do this and make me melt……

    Jim Fern

  9.  Rob Says:

    All the other girls laugh and tell me you’re a monster, but beauty is in the hand of the beholder.

    Jim Fern

  10.  Rob Says:

    Honey, close your eyes ….. I’ve got good news, and really, really bad news.

    Jim Fern

  11.  Rob Says:

    “Oh, this feels so good”
    ” I told you it would feel better if I let my nails grow”

    Jim Fern

  12.  Rob Says:

    Nancy was quite delighted with her new guide dog replacement

    Jim Fern

  13.  Rob Says:

    “So you say that you learned this technique in the Tibetan mountains?”

    Jim Fern

  14.  Rob Says:

    Yes on my planet I am a register massage therapist.


  15.  Rob Says:


    – AustrianRob

  16.  Rob Says:

    Plastic or paper?

    – AustrianRob

  17.  Rob Says:

    You should see where my other hand is…..

    – AustrianRob

  18.  Rob Says:

    But honey the babay looks like you.

    – AustrianRob

  19.  Rob Says:

    I told all the girls my chiropractor was out of this world !

    – AustrianRob

  20.  Rob Says:

    Mom always liked you the best.

    – AustrianRob

  21.  The Unusual Rob Says:

    I wish I wish for a back scratcher…..

  22.  The Unusual Rob Says:

    You got the money sis and I got the looks…

  23.  The Unusual Rob Says:

    I know being twins can be a curse. Look at us

  24.  Rob Says:

    Which twin has the Toni?

    – Grace Chewning

  25.  Rob Says:

    See what happens when you don’t drink all your milk!?

    – Grace Chewning

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