Gig-A-Gag #93 -Winner- Jeff Parker!

096-schoolguystop.jpg“You must be THIS TALL to cross the street.”– Jeff Parker(This one was a tough choice!) 

7 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #93 -Winner- Jeff Parker!”

  1.  Jeff Parker Says:

    “You must be THIS TALL to cross the street.”

  2.  Jim Beucher Says:

    “Even as a child, young Kurt desired to own his own airplane that was full of frequent fliers”

  3.  Ron Johnson Says:

    Why we all standin’ behind the scarecrow?

  4.  Nancy Says:

    I could beat him up if I wanted to!

  5.  rk wright Says:

    pretend you are Christ on the cross and walk behind me.

  6.  Rob Says:

    The students watched in horror as Billy ignored the crossing guard and got run over by a road grader.

    – Ken Culotta

  7.  Jim Fern Says:

    Hold on kids — Tinkerbell wll be here any minute, then we’ll have lift off.

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