Gig-A-Gag #94 – Winner – Bill Huff!

097-mrboozecaught-b.jpgI guess we’re too late for the party! – Bill Huff

11 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #94 – Winner – Bill Huff!”

  1.  Jim Fern Says:

    Tying this methane filled wine bottle to the bottom of your foot, will help propel you, making it easier for you to slide up the bannister, when I pop the cork. It’s an experiment I’ve been workng on for years. With Joe over there, and his invaluable help, I’ve finally discovered the most combustible mixture. Another childhood dream made possible by science.

  2.  Jim Fern Says:

    Well, we haven’t found a body yet sir, but if you look close, I’m pretty sure there’s a genie in this bottle.

  3.  Jim Fern Says:

    Whoever lived here wasn’t just some crazy bottle collector — look close — that’s real Port!
    You can get 2 cents a bottle for the empties!

  4.  Jim Fern Says:

    Hmmmmm………what does this say?…….. will explode in 10 seconds……

  5.  Jim Fern Says:

    What does that say? …….. r – i – c – i – n………??

  6.  Rob Says:

    Wow! we party tonight!

    – Roberta Lerman

  7.  Sandy Huff Says:

    No Wonder Mrs. Weinstein’s dandelion wine was so popular. She added 4 Roses!

  8.  Bill Huff Says:

    I guess we’re too late for the party!

  9.  Pam Treadwell Says:

    “….Uh oh….liquor bottles, …blow up dolls, …switchblades,
    ….rubber pants,….Frappuchinos!… know what ‘dis means boys:
    it looks like Robert Smith is havin’ his 45th Birthday (May 10) !
    Happy Birthday ! Love, Pam Chaz & Ike

  10.  rk wright Says:

    This could be a sign of a problem drinker

  11.  rk wright Says:

    This must be rk wrights’ art studio

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