Gig-A-Gag #96 – Winner – Jeff Parker!


 Clown says: “Hey, I may be a clown, but I’m NO FOOL.”– Jeff Parker  

4 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #96 – Winner – Jeff Parker!”

  1.  Jim Fern Says:

    Old production still of Jack Nicholson’s brief stint as Ronald McDonald

  2.  Jim Fern Says:

    proof that women wearing ruffled mini skirts and baggy leotards are scarier than evil clowns

  3.  Jeff Parker Says:

    Clown says: “Hey, I may be a clown, but I’m NO FOOL.”

  4.  Jeff Parker Says:

    Joined since birth, Siamese twins Twang and Sang anxiously await the hours-long surgery which will carefully separate the sisters, dividing between them the clown they both now share.

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