Gig-A-Gag #107 – Gig-A-Gag!

107-girlbathroom.jpgWhat caption would you give this photo? Click the comments below to leave your answer!Winners receive a small ‘Gig-A-Gag’ winner’s cup.Please leave you name, too! Each Sunday a new picture will appear for the fun of giging a gag!

5 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #107 – Gig-A-Gag!”

  1.  Nancy Says:

    Someday I’ll be tall enough to reach that glass!


    Why do they torture me so by putting the drinking glass too high for me
    to reach?

  2.  Sandy Huff Says:

    Hand me your toothbrush, Dad. My hamster cage needs cleaning again.

  3.  Jim Beucher Says:

    Thanks for the stool, I was tired of washing my hands in the toilet with the brown soap!

  4.  kurt wright Says:

    how many times do mommy and i have to tell you about that toilet seat.

  5.  Andrea Says:

    I was just just washing my hands!……I didn’t drop your ring down the drain…I mean….what??

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