Gig-A-Gag #128 – Winner- Marg Jones!


Try this, you dumb dog!

– Marg Jones

7 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #128 – Winner- Marg Jones!”

  1.  Aaren Says:

    No George! Don’t go to the light. You only have one life left.

  2.  Aaren Says:

    After watching Discovery Channel marathons over Christmas, George got inspired to use a lamp to attract that bug that’s been hanging around on the ceiling all day.

  3.  Aaren Says:

    Sadly, George the spy cat did realize that someone was watching him as he flipped the switch that gained him access to the secret hid out.

  4.  Nancy Says:

    “Oh darn!! I just burnt my whiskers on the light bulb.”

  5.  Jim Fern Says:

    The newest in organic cat skin lampshade.

  6.  Marge Jones Says:

    Try this, you dumb dog!

  7.  Kimberley Says:

    Picture #2: A totally darkened room.

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