Gig-A-Gag #130 – Winner – Jim Fern !


Google Maps head quarters.

– Jim Fern

6 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #130 – Winner – Jim Fern !”

  1.  Jim Fern Says:

    2012 Republican presidential candidate hopeful Tommy Twosome taking phone contributions in his basement space station. So fare he’s acquired a buck fifty and one ju ju bee from a sympathetic Obama supporter.

  2.  Jim Fern Says:

    Little billy giving directions for “you are there” from here.

  3.  Jim Fern Says:

    Google Maps head quarters.

  4.  Jim Fern Says:

    After finding a dead body in the cockpit chair, Tommy Twomorrow finds out there is no ambulance service in outer space. Nor is there a phone connection.

  5.  Sandy Huff Says:

    Why Yes, Mr. Smith, I run the Help desk for all Windows applications.

  6.  Marge Jones Says:

    “I’ll need your credit card numbers to hold your seat on that flight”

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