Gig-A-Gag #146!-Winner – Hydrohead


How Wolfram Alpha really works.

– Hydrohead

6 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #146!-Winner – Hydrohead”

  1.  Hydrohead Says:

    Early Military “Computing”

  2.  Hydrohead Says:

    How Wolfram Alpha really works.

  3.  Rob Smith, Jr. Says:

    We Can do this. Just keep plugging away.

    E Scott Bushnell

  4.  Rob Smith, Jr. Says:

    Now where did we put that 3 cent postage stamp?

    E Scott Bushnell

  5.  Rob Smith, Jr. Says:

    Ha! I’m almost done and you gals still ahve a long way to go! I’ll win the free beers for tonight!

    E Scott Bushnell

  6.  Rob Smith, Jr. Says:

    im glad weve modernized!
    so-should we ask the boss for a horseless carriage?

    Jim Beran

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