Gig-A-Gag #168 !


What caption would you give this photo?
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Each Sunday a new picture will appear for the fun of giging a gag!

5 Responses to “Gig-A-Gag #168 !”

  1.  Sandy Huff Says:

    Joe realized he was a real couch potato when he tried to turn the microwave on with his TV remote.

  2.  Jerry Darkey Says:

    I told you we needed to get a digital box to see anything !

  3.  Nancy Says:

    The McGruff twins have no idea what they’re doing. They just always copy each other. Been that way all their lives. Sad.

  4.  James Klein Says:

    Do you think we will ever find a channel that Obama is not giving a speech on?

  5.  Bob Simpson Says:

    Rewind it quick. I think that whale just swallowed Mr Cousteau.

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